Monday, October 3, 2011

Girl Fight Video Beating of Victoria Lindsay

Here is a really good website that keeps up with all of the charges of the girls. 

Here is some video of the ring leader Mercades Nichols and her mother click here

You can see photos of all of the people involved in images (here)

Tidbits and other ramblings...

On the blogs you will see alot of people going back and forth about how accurate the movie is. Many state that the real victim was not as shy and timid as the actress in the movie, and that she really did say alot of things that she should not have said. However, most agree that no one deserves what happened to this victim.

The video is not on Youtube anymore that last time that I checked. There are a few websites that have uploaded the video. You can find it under The Mulberry Eight Cheerleading Beating Video 

In 2008 three people had charges dropped for lack of sufficient evidence. The names of the others implicated in the plot were Stephen Schumaker, Zachary Ashley, and Cara Murphey

The mother of Mercades Nichols aka Mercedes Nichols was arrested for domestic violence against her own daughter. Her mother's name is Christina Garcia age 35.

You won't believe this, but staff members of the Dr. Phil show actually posted bail for Mercades Nichols. These staff members were later reprimanded.

According to a Facebook support page for Victoria, she is "recovering slowly, but scarred for life mentally and emotionally, and physically." The page goes on to state that she continues to suffer hearing loss in one ear and loss of vision...

Here is an interview of Victoria Lindsay with Good Morning America.(you must sign into your account first)


  1. I am amazed at Mercedes' Mom's comments to Greta Van Susteren. It seems that she wants to pass blame and not talk about the problems surrounding her own daughter. In my opinion, that is why a lot of teens now a days get into these messes. Parents either don't care or they place blame on others with the attitude "my child would not have done that if not for EVERYONE ELSE". Paying attention to our children & actually TALKING to them about bullying and sex could go a long way in deterring them. I am the proud Mom of 2 daughters and I talk to them about things every day and they talk to me as well. Communication is key.
    Thanks for letting me say my peace...

  2. I agree, Jennie. While there are a lot of good parents out there, unfortunately you also have MANY who refuse to teach their kids anything. These girls really should have gotten a stiffer sentence because they needed to be taught a lesson. I doubt they learned anything.

  3. I watched this movie on LMN last night and I have to say I was appalled. I don't care how angry I was at a friend, I'd never beat someone to a bloody pulp for it! These girls just were in it for one thing: their 15 minutes of fame. They didn't care about the consequences of their actions. They are just spoiled rotten brats who only care about themselves.

  4. for 15 minutes only for fame

  5. I think it's the parents. The parents teach them to be overly sensitive about what other people say. And to not bully other kids and to close the door behind them or it will come back and hit them in the ass. The parents don't teach them not to bully because they might fck with the wrong person one day and end up severly deformed. Especially the working class parents from Florida or inner-cities. Its the parents.

  6. Well I saw it for the first time today and what bothers me besides the beating was the judges sentences. I think that judge should be removed from the bench. In my estimation that is a gross, very gross miscarriage of justice. I have no sympathy for those teens. They are to be feared. Today, teens are not innocent as 20 plus years back. There is so much available with the internet, tv, etc. It seems that the internet for most is a wonderful tool, it is just part of a new society and things parents have to learn, educate, take the time, talk to their children, listen to their children, and to safeguard their children about.

    It is hard to believe our child would do this, but to appear as whatever to their peers and internet buddies, it is a different society and the rules are very different.

    I was upset by the movie and I have raised 2 girls. I am here to say if my child was part of that ... I would have something to say about it to them. It is inappropriate behavior totally. To beat someone so they have permanent damage for the rest of their lives, well, I am sorry, those girls should have gotten more than they did. What a joke. They thought it was all fun and games. Where in my day, being arrested was humiliating and shameful, to them it was fun and no big deal. Someone needed to get their attention. Who is to say they would not do it again to someone else. And the buck starts with the parents.

  7. And, the Dr. Phil show.... that is the bottom of the barrel. I am very disturbed that even if the staff did it and he did not know, it was not necessary to go through with it. But to bail them out. That is pretty bad. No more watching Dr. Phil for me. HE could never say anything that I would consider good enough to have my faith in him again.

  8. Shame on Polk County prosecutor for not going after felony charges on these girls. They got off way too easy. I suspect many of them have had more brushes with the law since this took place, and would be utterly surprised if any of them make any worthwhile contribution to society. A follow up movie about what each has done, or not done, with their lives since their 'slap on the wrist' in 2008 would be enlightening. Shame on the parents, and bigger shame on Polk County Prosecutor.

  9. It is horrible what happened to tori but if it had not happened she may not have turned out to be the successful woman shr is today. I know het personally and its a shame she had to go through what she did b. Because of it she is a very strong woman today and very smart and succesful in a lot of things including being a realtor, a model, and certified dental assistant.

  10. Most of the girls are doing well, getting married, having kids of their own, and keeping out of trouble. That may not be what some people wish to hear, but life is not a TV serial.

  11. These girls deserved prison time. You cannot put your hands on another person, idc what they said about you. They make me sick!!!