Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Victoria Lindsay Now: Where is Victoria Lindsay 2013

Here are a few photos of Victoria Lindsay now. She is looking really good these days....really good. I hope everything looks up for her despite her past troubles. It looks like she is heading in the right direction.

Here is an article that gives some details about what has happened with her since the movie, where she works, and what she is doing now. We're rooting for ya Tori!

Photos 2013 Victoria Lindsay

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Girl Fight True Story

The movie Girl Fight is a Lifetime movie starring Anne Heche. It is inspired by the case of Victoria Tori Lindsay. You can compare some of the news articles that I will link to in order to compare them to the movie version. The Lindsays sold the rights to the story to the producers.


Read the true story: 'Girl Fight' based on video beating of Victoria Lindsay

Monday, October 3, 2011

Girl Fight Video Beating of Victoria Lindsay

Here is a really good website that keeps up with all of the charges of the girls. 

Here is some video of the ring leader Mercades Nichols and her mother click here

You can see photos of all of the people involved in images (here)

Tidbits and other ramblings...

On the blogs you will see alot of people going back and forth about how accurate the movie is. Many state that the real victim was not as shy and timid as the actress in the movie, and that she really did say alot of things that she should not have said. However, most agree that no one deserves what happened to this victim.

The video is not on Youtube anymore that last time that I checked. There are a few websites that have uploaded the video. You can find it under The Mulberry Eight Cheerleading Beating Video 

In 2008 three people had charges dropped for lack of sufficient evidence. The names of the others implicated in the plot were Stephen Schumaker, Zachary Ashley, and Cara Murphey

The mother of Mercades Nichols aka Mercedes Nichols was arrested for domestic violence against her own daughter. Her mother's name is Christina Garcia age 35.

You won't believe this, but staff members of the Dr. Phil show actually posted bail for Mercades Nichols. These staff members were later reprimanded.

According to a Facebook support page for Victoria, she is "recovering slowly, but scarred for life mentally and emotionally, and physically." The page goes on to state that she continues to suffer hearing loss in one ear and loss of vision...

Here is an interview of Victoria Lindsay with Good Morning America.(you must sign into your account first)